Introducing APH Oceania

Oceania is more than Australia and New Zealand. It includes Guam,and almost reaches to Hawaii.

Oceania is more than Australia and New Zealand. It includes hundreds of Pacific islands including Fiji, Tonga, Guam and almost reaches Hawaii.

APH Oceania Region covers APH members in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific nations. Our members work by helping people to gather, organise and preserve their life stories for the future.

We believe we have the best job in the world by helping people save their life stories in many ways. If you are looking someone to help you with your family history project why not give one of us a call? You might be looking for inspiration or motivation, have a story that doesn’t ‘read right’ or have a family member facing a personal deadline… it costs nothing to email or call.

As personal history professionals we are bound by the Association of Personal Historians Code of Ethics. Take a moment to see what this means and perhaps explore the larger APH site– there is far more to Personal History than family trees:  your stories are the leaves on your family tree and ensure that you will be remembered by future family generations.

Interested in becoming a personal historian? It is a great occupation, it won’t make you rich but you can work from home, meet wonderful people and the world is your market because everyone has a family and all families have stories.

Now is the time to gather them before memories fade and time runs out….

Annie Payne – Oceania Regional Co-coordinator
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